Two Thousand and Ten…


January is always an interesting month, and at the beginning of last year I finally gave in and bought an iPhone so these are two of the firsts snaps taken in Omotesando & Shibuya where I usually hang out & Shop.


The Bargain season is always eventful… shoes, bags, clothes all go flying all over the place with women trying to find the best of the Fukubukuro

福袋 = mystery bag

but half the time it’s full of rubbish so beware! But 109 is a great place to start with bags around 5-10,000yen.

February is an emotional month for some & and last year I joined the crew as my heart was broken in Jan, so I was sulking and wallowing in self pity. What better to do than to treat myself, male friends & colleagues to LOTS of chocolate. As in Japan it’s traditional for

WOMEN to buy men Chocolate on St.Valentines Day

(can you believe that!?).

My Bestie Acaneちゃん & I flew off to The Big Apple “NYC” Baby…

It was a short trip lasting only seven days (I usually spend a minimum of 2 WEEKS on holiday)! SO we rushed from Manhattan midtown to The SATC tour dropped by The Lower West Side to shop Marc by MJ took a bus to New Jersey Outlet village back to NY for a quick glance at Brooklyn Bridge back up to The Upper East Side to The Met steps (Gossip Girl fans everywhere!) then up to Harlem to eat at Mama’s “Soul food” Joint and then back down to Columbia University to visit my friends and finally to SOHO.

Damn ちょうつかれたです、でも、たのしかったです.

The taxi ride to the Airport…Bohoo.

The End of Feb & beginning of March had me all Loved up and ready to celebrate Kenji & Emi’s Wedding and what a beautiful occasion that was! Sheer Love filled the room, shared with friends & family.

I wish them all the best. Just a few more months and it will be their 1st year (Paper) anniversary.


私のお誕生日 “Twenty Five” in May!

Celebrated in style at 日本橋のMandarin Oriental Hotel.

June saw the 20th WORLD CUP held in ミナミ.アフリカ

Spain were eventually crowned but GHANA was the first Africa nation to make it to the quarter finals. 日本の一番プレーヤー はHONDA、カッコいいです. The nationalism in any country always comes out when sports are involved.

England played appallingly not to my surprise.


IZUはすてきです、I had such a wonderful time with friends chilling out by the 白浜beach visiting a temple to mediate in the early hours & Following Yoga advice from Yukiちゃん. BBQ & 花火 were definitely the two highlights of the trip. 皆さん、またこんどね。


With August almost behind me, we took a nice romantic late night walk along the “pier” in Minato Mirai.

As summer was coming to an End my mum showed up just in time to remind me just how much I missed her and the rest of my family & friends back home in England. Also she arrived just in the nick of time to celebrate her birthday in luxury at the PARK HYATT.

I miss you.

November this year I managed to visit “Kinki” aka Kansai (Osaka,Kyoto, Nara & Kobe) for the second time, both were special in different ways.

First Kyoto, where I visited my favourite Temple KIYOMIZU & ate KAWADOKO dinner along the river side. And then moved on to Osaka, My favourite city in Japan. I just love the people, food and atmosphere.

Thanks to my twin sister from another mother Yasuちゃん I always have the most amazing time, I’m sure she’ll be my friend forever.


クリスマスのオススメはYokohama Red Brick Warehouse.

私は、ヨーロッパにいたと思いました. 本当に,スゴいいです

わたしはロマンチック人です, so I was really in my element. 寒い、でもfinally three years of chasing after love (sadly to no avail) it found me when I least expected it and now I have someone who I can lean on at any time.

I received the greatest gift of all LOVE.

I’m truly blessed.

Sorry for the lack of posts recently…

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