Toe Fur Oh?

Sorry I meant… TOFURO!

Sorry it sounded funny at the time, and as I’m learning katakana I’m trying to pronounce everything with a monotone voice like Japanese.


Last Sat I met up with my long time girlfriend Nats in Ginza after work and went to the very quaint “EDO” Style Izakaya (Japanese pub) to have a good old chit chat it had literally been ages since we last met, busy colliding schedules is always a pain when trying to meet up with my girlies. That and I’m aging, after work I just want to go home and snuggle up with my man. I mean who would think that at 25 years old I’d refer to myself as “aging!”.

久しぶりだよね、でも It felt like we met just yesterday… reminiscing about good old times. How she totally ruined Prison break for me (“Wentworth Miller has NO neck”), how she is always right about the ‘good for nothing’ boys men that I like and much more.

“Once a playboy always a playboy!”だね.


Well we were ready to get hammered drink, but as I was about to take a sip I saw the rim of the glass had a red lipstick mark! Another (Can you believe that?”) moment!

So after the first drink came

The rest is pretty much a blur…. I haven’t been drunk for a while, to be honest I don’t like to get drunk (uni days flash back) because seeing how people lose control of themselves and make a fool of themselves is not really something I want to do especially as I represent a minority in Japan. A lot of people don’t care about how people stereotype “Gaijin” (foriegn people) in Japan, but I have a lot of self respect and would like to be respected for who I am not what or who people like to assume I am.

Nats was so happy to see my “Pretty drunk face!” for the first time! I usually stick to a maximum of 5 glasses, anymore and I’ll have to be carried home (thanks Arch5 crew happy memories).

But it was just Nats & I so I was

“…free to be whatever I, Whatever I choose, And I’ll sing the blues if I want. I’m free to say, whatever I, Whatever I like, If it’s wrong or right it’s alright!” – Oasis

Great Song!

Uuuuuuh…. OYSTERS please? I still can’t eat oysters due to a bad experience of eating more than my fair share of mussels (almost the same, but are they both aphrodisiacs or is that only oysters?) at Cafe Rouge. That and they look like little aliens, everyone knows I have a food complex. Think I’m picky?

Nats Loves Oysters so maybe I’ll try them again at some point! Maybe this sat? That’s all she ate… I on the other hand! (I’ll leave that for your imagination).

French stripes & eyelash extensions, Work clothes & Large Topshop gold beads, Leather & French Connection high-waist belt.

I Love my friends.

“I’m not special, I’m just me” – me

Thank you all for your love & support

About tokyoama

aka Miss Swag in a bag Creative Assistant for @MPMAG Living in TOKYO! Interests: Creativity, I have a Passion for Fashion, Design, Music & Life....
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