V Magazine x Nicki Minaj

Gets Painted?

Which Cover do you prefer?

I’d have to go with the close up because I think the face paint Job was done with a blindfold, to be brutally honest.

Honesty is the best policy in my opinion.

“I’m Gonna do what I’m gonna do!”

Nice quote! A woman with the same perception of her own mind.

We need more strong women who are willingly to face criticism & sexism and still continue to go after their dreams in a “man’s” game world.

Real or Fake? No, I’m not talking about the hair!

I was reading Tyrese’s Time line the other day and I was shocked… but it’s so true these days. Women have FAKE everything from hair, nails, eyelids, noses, lips, boobs, a$$ to thighs.

What is wrong with some women these days?

We have to learn to love ourselves first before anyone else can.

I love all these shots but my favourite look always comes back to “sultry” and she does that best in the blk/wht snap here. I’m a little surprised to see her cover this type of Fashion Mag as I don’t think it really embodies her personality, music or style but as she said so herself, she changes everyday. So I guess no one can pigeon hole her just yet!

The spread features not one outrageous wig nor a single crazy facial expression!

Where did “NICKI MINAJ” go? Or is this another persona on display?

“Did it on Em” & “Moment For Life”

She recently shot the new PV for “Fly” with RiRi, which I’m looking forward to posting soon and performed this on 106 & park.

“No I’m not Lucky, I’m Blessed.” – Nicki Minaj

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