Introducing ASOS Marketplace


I’ve been using ASOS for years now, it’s one of my fave online stores where I can access a variety of clothing from ASOS own brand to high end brands.

And now THIS!!

It’s so exiting to see Online shopping take that very important next step… now we can recycle our used clothes and update our wardrobes all in one place here

Like, but SO SO SO much better in my opinion!

I’m looking forward to exploring REWIND VINTAGE (vintage shopping is always at the  top of my ‘To do list’) It will be my first online Vintage experience.

“In with the old out with the new” – me

So many people love to “dress up” and act like they eat, breathe and sleep fashion, but really it’s just for show most of the time for a lot of people these days, who on an off day or when there are no cameras around will be seen with scruffy pumps and slacks with the excuse “You just have to breathe sometimes!” But THAT is not a ‘fashionista’ or ‘Stylista’, right?

You either do or don’t have style no matter what you’re wearing.

Too many people read fashion mags to get ideas of what to wear.

It’s ironic because I read it for the opposite reason, because basically in Japan the Fashion is 6months to 1 year behind if not later. So what I bought in England 1-2 years ago is still been thrown around now.

But that is Fashion it gets recycled, whereas style is EVERYTHING! If you have style you can mix ‘n’ match clothes from the 50s, 70s, 80s, 00s and no one will say oh that’s last seasons skirt, but with fashion collections season to season are quickly out dated!

That’s why I’m all about…


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aka Miss Swag in a bag Creative Assistant for @MPMAG Living in TOKYO! Interests: Creativity, I have a Passion for Fashion, Design, Music & Life....
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