On our way to Bill Board Live, you know me always looking for a photo op. Well along the way I found one as we switched trains at the ever so chic Nakameguro. Where I ate…

美味しいモツナベ!ありがたい。。。I’ll never forget!

Then on the train, I know how it’s frowned upon in Japan, but what can two lovebirds do? It really is hard to keep our hands off eachother! I have to admit my hair looks quite stunning… I know I do like to blow my own horn. Anyway…

I usually go to a salon in Aoyama HAYATO New York, But my schedule was so hectic last month and so my China my stylist (note all Black women living or moving to Tokyo, CHINA is the one to go to and tell her I recommended you and you’ll get a discount!)

Well to cut a long story short I had to do my own hair! I wasn’t happy with the colour at first but now I’m getting used to it and feeling it more each day. Comments?

いちごすきです。WOW…did you look at those HUMONGOUS strawberries!?? Well guess how much they cost? 1,260yen each and for a box of 12 it was over 10,00yen! Damn you’d have to have a sweet RICH tooth to wanna buy a box of those. But the interesting thing was that they are the latest genetically modified strawberries that are super sweet & WHITE! Strange?




70’s Floppy Moussy Hat & Denim Flares, FAUX fur & H&M lace shirt, Vintage Scarf & bag. Perfect for a 70’s Live FUNK BAND show don’t you think!

The evening was a truly wonderful experience… nothing really gets better than listening to GREAT live music, while wining and dining in my book.

Billboard Live always has a great atmosphere, not so much audience participation this time as alot of people didn’t know the words and when given the mic they (Japanese people) often shy away from singing, I guess alot of the time people feel embarrassed.


My first choice of drink was ポッキ―xルアリキュール! It was totally what I expected in a good way but I remain with my choice to eat the MILK pocky, the original is to skinny, what can I say I dislike skinny things in general.

I hadn’t been to BBL for a while and this month we will go twice!! We ate some finger food, and it was great for Acaneちゃんto pop over for a quick chit chat. We also enjoyed a Long Island Ice tea & Southern girl (even though I’m from the Midlands). I seem to have a think about Blue cocktails.

All in All my favourite tropical cocktail has to be Sex on the Beach.(what can I say it’s pink!) I’ll leave that to your imagination.


However the crowd were forced to participate during this song. All of the MEN* “Something about my woman!” and WOMEN replied “Yeah, Yeah, Yeah!” Oh the smug look on my face.

A great remix…

“I want to hold your hand”

“Your Love is on the ONE”

Their biggest hit to date! I just L.O.V.E that funky beat…

“Fantastic Voyage”

I really enjoyed this show, even though I’ve been counteless times before thanks to Acaneちゃん、


It always exceeds my expectations…

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