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I ♥ sushi…

It may be my last for while! I had no idea while eating this that so much disaster would be forced upon Japan and it’s North east region. I remember enjoying ever piece of raw fish not thinking about the next … Continue reading

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Emmanuelle Alt’s first cover for French Vogue

Starring | GISELE BUNDCHEN Laced in Dolce & Gabbana in St. Barts by Inez van Lamsweerde and Vinoodh Matatin. Not a surprise at all. Who in their right mind wouldn’t use Gisele the highest paid supermodel on their first ever Vogue cover. … Continue reading

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HIT the Runway… Ciggy in Hand! My STYLE iCon looking as she does… PERFECT! (minus the ciggy which I actually hate, but somehow she makes it look ever so elegant.) Not only Kate Moss graced LV’s latest runway show, but … Continue reading

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The Mademoiselle Chanel Campaign

Starring | Blake Lively ———————————————————————————————————- The latest muse of Karl Largarfeld says “It is an honor to be selected by Karl Lagerfeld to represent the new line of ‘MADEMOISELLE’ handbags” For months there have been images of the pair floating … Continue reading

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The 5th Largest Earthquake in History!!

Happened Yesterday in Japan! I still can’t believe how today transpired, I woke up to the shaking sound of my man’s voice and now will go to sleep to the shaking of the floor and walls. Even though the Tohoku … Continue reading

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Long time no…ダンス!!

DON DON CAMP vol.24!! It’s great to go out after a while and actually have something to talk about with the regulars. Now that I’m in Yokohama I feel like I’ll be back on the music scene and going out … Continue reading

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I came alone & left alone

OA&D2 I Love listening to HIP HOP beats anytime and any place. That’s why I love that my man is a lyricist and not just another “DJ”. I know that events are made up of people but when you finally … Continue reading

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“He Said, She Said” pt.5

QUOTES | Mr. Solis “Love Sometimes makes you forget the difference between right & wrong!” (Desperate Housewives)

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And the rest is History

365 & counting… So…. I guess nobody including myself thought I’d still be living in Japan in 2011. Time really flies and for the last year it’s gone by almost without a trace. It’s so true that times flies when … Continue reading

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