A First for everything | Valentine’s Day

“Happy V Day!!”

I Screamed…


haha Just joking… A warm thank you and surprised look as I took this out of the fridge. I got up early to prepare a little cake for my nearest & dearest!

I think my man is still shocked that I actually made him a cake, as I don’t think he has had to eat a whole cake by himself before… comments! TOO SWEET!

But how cute are the marshmellows! I ate the left over ones of course.

So in Japan it’s customary for women to give men CHOCOLATE!!

He specifically asked for NO NUTS, but after my first bite my tongue started to swell up and my throat burn…so much for no nuts!!

MEN like chocolate and not just chocolate expensive chocolate? Really? I know can you believe that nonsense!?? Well anyway of course I we opted to do it the traditional way I do it back home in England, where men give their WAGs Flowers, Chocs and a cuddly toy(optional) and as I have tonnes of those already 2 out out 3 isn’t bad for our first Valentines Day together.

But the best always comes last and this time in the shape of FLOWERS…

Pink lilies are my absolute faves so I was over the moon to receive a bunch and not just your odd one rose which is still very beautiful.

What is it that flowers say…do you remember when we were young and we used to pick of the petals.

“He loves me, he loves me not!”

Ah those were the days, I was so naive. And I believed if I loved someone enough I could get their love back in return. Well finally I’ve grown up and realised love can unrequited and love can hurt and there isn’t THAT happy ending like in the movies you have to make you own ending and find happiness in love.

A Romantic Dinner for 2































Wining & Dining is one of my fave past times, especially when I’m joined by my man and eating some of my favourite dishes. And 2 shots to finish the night off! what more could I possibly want.

You live and you learn, I’m so thankful for all of the men in my life that make it just that bit more special.

What happened to romance? What is Happiness? What is Love?

Love is you…

気持ちい ♥

Being in Love really is a great feeling that’s why I love to Love…

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