Beyonce is BLACK…


So What’s all the FUSS about!?


What is all this about? When are people going to realise there are more important issues and better things to be concerned about in this world than the colour of Beyonce’s skin!

Some reviews buzzing around the internet…

“Blackface is not fashion forward or edgy and in my opinion, it is just flat out offensive.”

“Black folks must have a zero tolerance policy for any manifestation of blackface, period,” wrote one blogger.

“If people allow this blatant cross into the offensive zone there will certainly be more to come,” writes another. “Whether the decision to pass off blackface as fashion was made ignorantly or not, there has been enough rumble in the jungle for the industry to be aware of itself.”

My opinon… Why did she only paint her face if it was supposed to be paying homage to some great african, a Nigerian musician Fela Kuti. To supposedly celebrate the 90th Anniversary of the magazine?? I mean she is already “Black”, so it’s not like a white person was painting themself black to poke fun at dark skinned people. So why all this fuss, maybe because it’s Beyonce. Or maybe because there really is nothing worth talking about at the moment. 

At the same time it’s not very coherant and to be honest I’m tired of reading and seeing this kind of thing in magazines. Don’t any art directors have any new ideas.

Tribal Make-up and Costumes by none other than Tina Knowles of course.


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