Long time no…ダンス!!

DON DON CAMP vol.24!!

It’s great to go out after a while and actually have something to talk about with the regulars. Now that I’m in Yokohama I feel like I’ll be back on the music scene and going out when I have time to catch up with my girls.

Yokohama Dancehall 大好きです♥.

However I found I could fit right back in where I left as if nothing had changed!


But I have been wearing head wraps for years (all by black sisters will know exactly what I’m talking about as it’s very much a part of our african culture too.) however I usually don’t wear a bright pink leopard print one.

This was taken at around half past 4 in the morning so most of my make up has dripped of, my curls have dropped out and my wrap is looking a little worse for wear, but you get the overall look I’m going for, right!?

I would like to say…


でもmy contact lensesちょっとへんね! I look weird!でも、私のレギンズは


I know I’ll be wearing these ALOT this coming summer… so comfy!

Anyway…Mighty Crown Family was in the house as PAPA B & YOYO-C were doing a live rub-a-dub. So I managed to Chop it up with Cojie and found out that Mighty are having  a Huge GOLDEN WEEK 5/3 event coming up. I actually met Cojie 2 years ago, I still remember the great vibes I got from chatting with him back then and his music at his event at Dragon club, but I had to run off that night to Bodega, the irony! Damn time has just been passing me by… I’m surprised he still recognised me, but actually there aren’t many black women who wear sunglasses all the time so I’m hard to forget I guess & there’s not many around these days to be honest. But I did see another charming lady out there the other night to my great surprise.

I know my girl Harunoちゃん loves roots reggae so hopefully we’ll be able to attend that…and see what’s going down in the bayside area!

“Could you be Loved”

One of my fave Bob Marley tracks… I sometimes I have it on repeat!

“Don’t let them change ya, oh! –
Or even rearrange ya! Oh, no!
We’ve got a life to live.
They say: only – only –
Only the fittest of the fittest shall survive –
Stay alive! Eh!….”


But this
month I’m busy with friends birthday parties…namely Martin’s 28th saturday & then I-Van DVD release so I’ll be back at Bodega again and then Harunoちゃん 24th Birthday!


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