The 5th Largest Earthquake in History!!

Happened Yesterday in Japan!

I still can’t believe how today transpired, I woke up to the shaking sound of my man’s voice and now will go to sleep to the shaking of the floor and walls.
Even though the Tohoku earthquake happened at 14:47pm in Miyagi prefecture, Japan. We may not have seen the worst! Fires still burning in Chiba, kesennuma and no doubt in miyagi aswell.

I won’t forget my conversation as it hit…
“This feels strange, bigger than usual!”
“Oh no, don’t worry this always happens in Japan.”
“I think we should go outside!” I persisted.
“No, it will stop in a minute.”
As I grabbed my Biker jacket, iPhone and YSL bag… Others rushed passed me to the fire escape. I looked down the corridor and at the reception a girl was under the table, clinging to the pole frozen and not responding or moving. One of the guys grabbed her. We moved down the stairs, shaking vigorously now.
Finally reached the ground floor as we were on the 3rd floor. And as we walked to the car park.
First thing I did, call my man… My mum! No signal! I hate softbank, the network sucks!
Next facebook, thank god for Mark Zucherburg I could reach my man, family and friends! Then twitter thank you whoever invented it, I could get updates on the Latest events and contact more friends.

Back to my account of events…
We were surrounded by buildings and every single one was rocking side to side, I mean even 10 storey buildings. The telephone cable poles were swaying! And still people remained inside!
Seriously… Is work really that important?

So after the first, another…. And till I couldn’t count how many quakes! I was really quite scared! Although I was the only one to pick up
My phone etc, I didn’t think to film it!








(Tsunami occurred after the earthquake hit just off the the coast of Miyagi Prefecture. These pictures are from Sendai in Northwest Japan, 250miles from Tokyo)

Finally after 2hrs the crowds dispersed and we waiting in a cafe to hear news from our boss. But no word came so we decided to make our way home. Although, guess what? No trains were operating surprise, surprise.
So we walked to Iidabashi and I have to admit looking back it might have been a little mindless, but I stopped to shop! What? They had Adidas sneakers on sale from ¥2,000-4,000 but the queue was too long to wait. And stopped by a convenience store…which was almost empty!

Trust me you can’t believe how many pedestrians lined the streets!

And that’s my account.
I’m still in Tokyo because the trains only started running again from around 10pm and Toyoko line started later and we couldn’t get a Taxi because of course they were all full and the Traffic was horrendous!

So I’m chilling with my man and his people in Shinjuku.

Watching the News!
Let’s hope the trains start early… I’m so worried about the dogs.

My heart goes out to the families who have lost loved ones.
At the moment more than 300dead and still at least 500missing and the number is increasing every minute.

Thank the powers that be for allowing me to see another day.

Remember you only live once don’t take it for granted.

I love my family & friends so much and thank you for all your enquires and kind words.

I’m fine, I’m alive!!

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