HIT the Runway…

Ciggy in Hand!

My STYLE iCon looking as she does… PERFECT! (minus the ciggy which I actually hate, but somehow she makes it look ever so elegant.)

Not only Kate Moss graced LV’s latest runway show, but she was joined by her 90’s partner in crime Naomi Campbell for Marc Jacobs’s Show for Louis Vuitton. An alarming herd of 67 models in total walked the walk and were ferried up to the stage in four gilded elevators, flanked by bellboys.


Now that is what I call a Runway SHOW!

Reading Marc Jacobs’s comments really emphasised my point about the fact that people just want anything with the “LV” logo on it! No matter the shape, colour or design. And that is what he also agreed with. He said

“…the public’s insatiable desire for everything with the LV logo sparked the idea for the collection. There’s this crazy, almost irrational desire for these objects, these things we create,” Jacobs told a scrum of journalists in a frenzied backstage interview.

“We were thinking about obsession, fetishism and we thought about an old hotel, with its chambermaids and the affairs that go on there, the crimes and scandals. And we just wanted to reveal all the amazing creatures who passed through there,” he said.

He is one of my greatest designer gurus and his latest collection is one I’m in utter awe of right now.

The collection’s break down so to speak…

Hourglass shaped coats in tweed and slick patent leather were worn with thigh-high stockings – and NOTHING else. A favourite of mine I must add.

Black bustiers were layered over demure A-line skirts worn with shirts with round white collars.

A black dress embroidered with sequins looked innocent enough until the model turned the corner, revealing her handcuff-bound wrists.

And what better way to end this marvelous collection than a Style iCon KATE MOSS to glide down the runway waving a ciggy, wearing the creation of the iCon MARC JACOBS who creates “fashion” as we know it today.


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