Vintage finds & wanted items!

These days I don’t shop half as much as I used to or read blogs for that matter.
So I’ve decided to start blogging to keep this virtual diary space to see my progress as I step towards my dreams.

Life is an unknown quantity so it’s important to do what makes you happy and for me… Shopping or as I like to call it “Retail Therapy” is what really floats my boat!

So welcome to the world of Tokyoama…
Greetings from Japan!

This weeks Vintage Finds

Everyone has a biker jacket these days including me so I thought I’d go for that 80s style Shoulder Pad look that I love so much.

I am a lover of all thing 80s & Vintage (say no more!)
I found this fabulous Black leather jacket with a Lattice Shoulder detail that I absolutely had to buy.

Next Shopping trip list…
Scarf Print Blouse/Collar

Bum bag

I saw an old Bum Bag while I was at home in England over Christmas so hopefully then next time I’m in Harajuku on Sunday I’ll be able to find a Colour block one just like this or any of these below. Of course I’d love to add the Moschino bag to my collection!


Fashion trends always come full circle and right now the British Punk 80s look is “in”!
I have always stood by what I love wearing whether it’s a trend or not colourful or not and to be honest fashion trends come and go so quickly I can’t or don’t actually want to keep up!
I will always look up to style iCons not only for what they wear but how they carry themselves and the things they say. For example Coco Chanel is top of my list as a strong woman & entrepreneur I admire the direction she steered what we know today as fashion as it came from her personal style&tastes and dislike of corsets which were THE fashion trend of her time.

So if you like what you see keep reading and watching where I shop & what I find in and around Tokyo.

Being unique is a great attribute…
Keep Shopping & stay Stylish

About tokyoama

aka Miss Swag in a bag Creative Assistant for @MPMAG Living in TOKYO! Interests: Creativity, I have a Passion for Fashion, Design, Music & Life....
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