Long time no…ダンス!!

DON DON CAMP vol.24!!

It’s great to go out after a while and actually have something to talk about with the regulars. Now that I’m in Yokohama I feel like I’ll be back on the music scene and going out when I have time to catch up with my girls.

Yokohama Dancehall 大好きです♥.

However I found I could fit right back in where I left as if nothing had changed!


But I have been wearing head wraps for years (all by black sisters will know exactly what I’m talking about as it’s very much a part of our african culture too.) however I usually don’t wear a bright pink leopard print one.

This was taken at around half past 4 in the morning so most of my make up has dripped of, my curls have dropped out and my wrap is looking a little worse for wear, but you get the overall look I’m going for, right!?

I would like to say…


でもmy contact lensesちょっとへんね! I look weird!でも、私のレギンズは


I know I’ll be wearing these ALOT this coming summer… so comfy!

Anyway…Mighty Crown Family was in the house as PAPA B & YOYO-C were doing a live rub-a-dub. So I managed to Chop it up with Cojie and found out that Mighty are having  a Huge GOLDEN WEEK 5/3 event coming up. I actually met Cojie 2 years ago, I still remember the great vibes I got from chatting with him back then and his music at his event at Dragon club, but I had to run off that night to Bodega, the irony! Damn time has just been passing me by… I’m surprised he still recognised me, but actually there aren’t many black women who wear sunglasses all the time so I’m hard to forget I guess & there’s not many around these days to be honest. But I did see another charming lady out there the other night to my great surprise.

I know my girl Harunoちゃん loves roots reggae so hopefully we’ll be able to attend that…and see what’s going down in the bayside area!

“Could you be Loved”

One of my fave Bob Marley tracks… I sometimes I have it on repeat!

“Don’t let them change ya, oh! –
Or even rearrange ya! Oh, no!
We’ve got a life to live.
They say: only – only –
Only the fittest of the fittest shall survive –
Stay alive! Eh!….”


But this
month I’m busy with friends birthday parties…namely Martin’s 28th saturday & then I-Van DVD release so I’ll be back at Bodega again and then Harunoちゃん 24th Birthday!


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I came alone & left alone


I Love listening to HIP HOP beats anytime and any place. That’s why I love that my man is a lyricist and not just another “DJ”.

I know that events are made up of people but when you finally take away the people is the music that the “DJ’s” play worth listening to. Now that is the question I asked myself that night. Even though I was exhuasted from work. I still went to support my man.

I used to go out all the time just for the sake of hanging out and chit chatting with my girls, but the music started to get repetitive and that takes away from the fun of going out when all the music is the same mainstream tracks that I have on my iPod and can listen to at home or Live in concert.

F21 tribal print vest & bright orange vest, H&M lycra leggings & copper hoops Zara caramel peep toe heels & YSL micro shoulder bag.

A rather low key night for me…but somehow one of the most enjoyable!

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“He Said, She Said” pt.5

QUOTES | Mr. Solis

“Love Sometimes makes you forget the difference between right & wrong!”

(Desperate Housewives)

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And the rest is History

365 & counting


I guess nobody including myself thought I’d still be living in Japan in 2011. Time really flies and for the last year it’s gone by almost without a trace. It’s so true that times flies when you are having fun.

If someone had told me 4 years ago I’d end up here I would have probably laughed in their face.

For One, My man and I could not be any more opposite and Two my man HATES “Ritzy” places, so you could imagine my surprise when he suggested going here to celebrate our 1st anniversary. However sometimes, you’ll do anything to please the one you love and I know that from experience. So here we are Wining & Dining and discussing our future.

I realise now…It was all for me

And always has been all about me and what I want and what I need…

Slowly I’m beginning to realise…

The View

The White Wine

The smile

White wine & Vintage DIOR sunnies

Never have I met anyone with a mind, soul and passion as I have in my man. And I have never felt like he is in anyway intimidated by my intelligence, independence or wealth. I always laugh at our differences… I love shopping, he hates it. I love consuming, he hates capitalism. I love chit chat, he despises meaningless banter.

The fact that we are like ying & yang was ever more present on that day. And I’m sure It will continue to prove as our great divide but will it conquer us. That is the question in any relationship. Can you work through the hard times to make the good times more worthwhile or like 50% of marriages fail because the stimulation disappears.

No one has the answers and least of all me. However one thing I know for sure is that I never give up. And once I have my heart is set on something/one I tend to sink my teeth and not let go.

On that night our reason & purpose was defined*

heart to heart

mind to mind

soul to soul

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ViViD Colours & Prints

From Shibuya crossing…

SEE by Chloe pink skinny jeans & Black parker, White Moussy sweater & Cecil McBee drawstring bag, F21 vintage style scarf

So When I was in Shibuya the other week there was a demo going on so we stopped for a while to see what was going on, but nothing interesting! Just some right-wingers going on as they do, you know.

Now back to “style stalker”… that’s what I like to do most!

So I thought while I was searching the net for some online shopping on my fave*

Topshop.com, ASOS.com, Allsaints.com, H&M.com etc

Here are some of my picks for this Spring/Summer 2011

ViViD COLOURS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

TOPSHOP Tan Belted pleat Front Tapereed Trousers 42.00

H&M Harem 14.99


TOPSHOP Tan Snakeskin Print Ankle Length Leggings 22.00

I Just bought a pair of these the other day. I absolutely L.O.V.E my prints especially animal prints. And TOPSHOP always has a great selection of leggings season in season out.

ALL SAINTS Zoraida Trouser 120.00


H&M Jumpsuit 24.99

ASOS TBA Gathered Sheer Back Silk Jumpsuit 150.00

I really do wonder sometimes if there are women out there who enjoy shopping as much as I do…

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The Gucci Spring 2011 Campaign

Starring |  Joan Smalls

Hailey Clauson & Nikola JovanovicKarmen Pedaru

Gucci S/S 2011 Campaign photographed by Mert AlasMarcus Piggott

I love this campaign for 4 reasons…

First the vivid colours just look amazingly sexy & strong on golden brown skin and the hues of blue, green, orange and purple are my favourite colours for summer. You have to be bold to be able to carry this look off.

Second, the dress Joan smalls is pictured wearing is the one piece that Beyonce wore on the cover of L’Officiel which I posted earlier this month. (Great styling by Trina Knowles)

Third doesn’t Joan Smalls just look ravishing!

Forth I love how the campaign is shot like a dream or rather like they are having a romance with pool that is reflected by the deep turquoise of the sky.

I feel ready to hop into my swimwear and dive right in just looking at this campaign. gucci has done everything right with this collections from the bright colours, high heels and gorgeous gold accessories. Spring is almost here(minus the rain today) and I’m ready to bust out head to toe Pink & Purple as usual….maybe some orange & yellow if I can still squeeze into my skirts.

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Vintage or Not

As I have come to realise money doesn’t really have any value and just represents how much debt you are allowed to have.

So Why Save so much money, we might as well enjoy it while it lasts. Before all countries become like GREECE and say goodbye to the economy as we now know it.

Money is only paper when you think about it. I don’t know why people want it so badly…

So I will continue to do what I do best SHOP ’til I drop…

And if you are interested in styling, fashion, clothes, consumerism and all things alike follow my shopping haunts. And see what goodies I can find Vintage or not…

I have to admit this post is a little tongue in cheek. Pun intended*

These days fashion houses and high street stores are creating brand new clothing with that vintage look and feel so it’s getting harder to tell what is authentic and what is just a look alike.

That’s another reason why I tend to customise my clothing, so it really is a one ufff!!

Now what can I do to these denim Shorts to give them that “Tokyoam” feel….

1 CELINE brown Shoulder bag

2 Christian DIOR Vintage 70’s Eyewear

3 YSL Red Strap Bag

4 LEE Denim cut offs

Now that I’ve revamped my wardrobe and will take 3 more bags to the recycle shop… All that’s missing is a few new items from good old England ready for summer. I can’t wait to shop at home, it’s been too long!

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A First for everything | Valentine’s Day

“Happy V Day!!”

I Screamed…


haha Just joking… A warm thank you and surprised look as I took this out of the fridge. I got up early to prepare a little cake for my nearest & dearest!

I think my man is still shocked that I actually made him a cake, as I don’t think he has had to eat a whole cake by himself before… comments! TOO SWEET!

But how cute are the marshmellows! I ate the left over ones of course.

So in Japan it’s customary for women to give men CHOCOLATE!!

He specifically asked for NO NUTS, but after my first bite my tongue started to swell up and my throat burn…so much for no nuts!!

MEN like chocolate and not just chocolate expensive chocolate? Really? I know can you believe that nonsense!?? Well anyway of course I we opted to do it the traditional way I do it back home in England, where men give their WAGs Flowers, Chocs and a cuddly toy(optional) and as I have tonnes of those already 2 out out 3 isn’t bad for our first Valentines Day together.

But the best always comes last and this time in the shape of FLOWERS…

Pink lilies are my absolute faves so I was over the moon to receive a bunch and not just your odd one rose which is still very beautiful.

What is it that flowers say…do you remember when we were young and we used to pick of the petals.

“He loves me, he loves me not!”

Ah those were the days, I was so naive. And I believed if I loved someone enough I could get their love back in return. Well finally I’ve grown up and realised love can unrequited and love can hurt and there isn’t THAT happy ending like in the movies you have to make you own ending and find happiness in love.

A Romantic Dinner for 2































Wining & Dining is one of my fave past times, especially when I’m joined by my man and eating some of my favourite dishes. And 2 shots to finish the night off! what more could I possibly want.

You live and you learn, I’m so thankful for all of the men in my life that make it just that bit more special.

What happened to romance? What is Happiness? What is Love?

Love is you…

気持ちい ♥

Being in Love really is a great feeling that’s why I love to Love…

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Beyonce is BLACK…


So What’s all the FUSS about!?


What is all this about? When are people going to realise there are more important issues and better things to be concerned about in this world than the colour of Beyonce’s skin!

Some reviews buzzing around the internet…

“Blackface is not fashion forward or edgy and in my opinion, it is just flat out offensive.”

“Black folks must have a zero tolerance policy for any manifestation of blackface, period,” wrote one blogger.

“If people allow this blatant cross into the offensive zone there will certainly be more to come,” writes another. “Whether the decision to pass off blackface as fashion was made ignorantly or not, there has been enough rumble in the jungle for the industry to be aware of itself.”

My opinon… Why did she only paint her face if it was supposed to be paying homage to some great african, a Nigerian musician Fela Kuti. To supposedly celebrate the 90th Anniversary of the magazine?? I mean she is already “Black”, so it’s not like a white person was painting themself black to poke fun at dark skinned people. So why all this fuss, maybe because it’s Beyonce. Or maybe because there really is nothing worth talking about at the moment. 

At the same time it’s not very coherant and to be honest I’m tired of reading and seeing this kind of thing in magazines. Don’t any art directors have any new ideas.

Tribal Make-up and Costumes by none other than Tina Knowles of course.


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De La bouffe en souvenir !


Away now or you’ll be HUNGRY… You’ve been warned!

1Thai Noodles

2 Heart Hamburg

3 Yaki Soba

4 Tandoori Chicken

5 Panda Lunch

6 California rolls

7 The worst Thai noodles EVER

8 Yaki Niku (Korean BBQ)

9 A plain hamburger with egg, bacon, cheese, mushroom, onion, avocado

10 A Subway Sandwich

11 Special Valentine’s Day bagels

12 A muffin with a pink heart

A I’m sure you are well aware of by now… I really appreciate good food and food that will satisfy my sweet tooth.

Sometimes I don’t have an appetite at all, but other days I won’t be able to stop eating especially around that time of the month. Some of my favourite food includes spices, such as Thai and Indian of course, and searching for great recipes and restaurants is a lot of fun in Tokyo & Yokohama more recently.

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