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Fur? I’d Rather go Naked…

Agreed! “I don’t think a living being should suffer for the sake of fashion, period,” Henson proclaims. “End of story.” Taraji P. Henson and her slamming body promote PETA’s campaign against the sale of animal fur! Damn When I’m here … Continue reading

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in Tokyo what happened to the spring like weather? It was so cold that night, good think I managed to pick this up in Ginza on my lunch break while I was buying heat tech under garments from Uniqlo. ヒートテックはすごーいです。 … Continue reading

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GAGA’s got some Beef!

Or is it Pork? Lady GAGA covers VOGUE HOMMES JAPAN I don’t know what to think of Lady GAGA anymore? And now this… Lady G’s Take on it :: “Well, it is certainly no disrespect to anyone that is vegan … Continue reading

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